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Personal unsecured loans

Personal unsecured loans


   -needed cash flow? "Dongguan loan company" Dongguan unsecured loans for you new avenues for individuals or individual businesses working in Dongguan to provide credit loans.

    individuals with good credit records, is now working for six months to provide recent Bank water three months you can apply for.

    property loan: the commercial housing in the Dongguan area (or mortgage), provide a copy of the purchase invoice, proof of address.

    private owners have a good credit history, business for less than a year, to provide water on public or private banks in the past six months you can apply for.

    loans: (personal unsecured loans)

    the applicant needs at least 21~55zhousui Dongguan area, half a year of work, good credit records.

    required information (provide copy):

    ID: ID card (front and back)

    proof of income: recent monthly bank statements three months

    prove that cover the official working and income certificate

    proof: lease contract and receipt or last month's list of water bill or electricity bill payment address

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