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Car mortgage

Car mortgage


   -needed cash flow? "Dongguan loan company" Dongguan loans for your channel, Dongguan-oriented individual or corporate loan business, has a good credit history, business for less than a year, to provide water on public or private banks in the past six months you can apply for.

    applicant basic conditions:

    1, have Chinese nationality (not including Hong Kong, Macao residents),

    2, 21-55 years of age;

    3, live or work in applications;

  &Nbsp;  4, has a stable job, earns no less than 1500 Yuan a month.

    credit: 10000-150000,

    period: 6, 12, 24, 36.

    required information:

    ID: ID card (front and back)

    proof of income: almost three months bank passbook or wages flowing list

    Employment: labor contracts or companies according to evidence (under seal or financial)

    proof: a rental contract or home address information of the last month's fee list

    certificate of house property: name property provides property or purchase contract (if the mortgage provides mortgage contracts as well as the last three months of mortgage payments flow)

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