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The small mortgage-related information

    some unexpected things can happen in life, requires a sum of money to make a turnaround, many people will consider the small mortgage loans of the Bank. Today where small mortgage-related information:

    small mortgage loan it is that a borrower can use before it is due to lump-sum, deposit taking income, negotiable deposit and foreign currency time deposit certificates of deposit as collateral, to introduce the depositary bank or its bank loans.

    small mortgage loans starting at RMB 1000 Yuan, 80% of the amount of each loan shall not exceed the deposit amount, the loan ceiling of not more than 100,000 yuan. Term of loan should not exceed mortgage certificates of deposit maturity date, if more than one deposit collateral, time to maturity of the most recently identified the loan terms, and a maximum of 1 year. Lending rates at grade with the loans interest rates only half a year and 1-year two-rate. Who are of interest, during the term of the loan interest rate unchanged.

    small mortgage loan should repay the borrower is unable to repay, within 1 month of the overdue, from the date of overdue on the basis of the original interest rate plus interest of 20%; 1 month past due, borrowers cannot repay, lenders have the right to mortgage certificates of deposit to compensate the loan processing.

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