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Need to understand mortgage secrets rules

    home loans is the eternal topic of modern society, in the views of most people in China, in our lifetime, be sure to buy a House of their own, but now the high prices to the General extent of working-class life is difficult to buy a House. So, today's look at the unknown secrets of mortgage regulation:


    found an interview on weekdays, many members of the age question mortgage lenders, such as retirees can loan? Children can loan?

    It is understood that the current Nanjing banks for lending people age requirements are between the age of 25 to 60 years of age. If you are below the age of 25 years old, loans require joint borrowers. Who were 60 years of age also can borrow money, but can only lend up to 70 years of age.

    now from State issued new mortgage regulation for almost 4 months, but major banks were generally known as "the most stringent mortgage policies" implementation does not relax, regulators are also occasionally read "inhibition". Last week, the China Banking Regulatory Commission in response to proposals to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou commercial bank suspended when rumors of a third mortgage, the CBRC said commodities rising housing prices are too high, too fast, tight areas, commercial banks according to the risk profile, suspension buy a third and more than one home loans. Buy a third and more than one home loan, loan down payment percentage, and the loan interest rate should be increased identified independently by commercial banks based on risk management principles.


    It is understood that, in granting housing loans, banks, the area is one of the important factors to be considered. If the housing area banks more welcoming, this is not completely accurate, but smaller area banks higher vigilance, is beyond doubt.

    House where little will not be able to go to banks to borrow money? Visited a number of banks, integrated concluded is an area less than 40 sq m, banks will be denied loans. Meanwhile, 40 to 60 square meters of the House, is in the eyes of the high risk of the Bank, lending must be wary. This House is basically difficult to borrow money, only some good customer exceptions, and down payment percentage is also higher with class size must be greater than 60 square meters of houses.

    Bank for 40 to 60 square meters of housing beaters, not without reason. Nanjing, a joint-stock Bank mortgage Division said their mortgage bad loans this year area of about 50 square meters. Some of them have been won in the courts, but was unable to perform. Because according to the existing provisions, if the area of 50 square meters of a House is the only housing families, even if it is cut off, a court cannot enforce, let the Bank take the House.

    on the adequacy of

    shortly before the citizen King reflected, he is killed after a fancy in 1989 that a second-hand House, ran four or five banks, no one is willing to lend. It is understood that the banks are concerned, adequacy of the House for more than 20 years, banks do not lend, only the school district can have a little grace.

    "in 1990 was a ridge, before the '90 ' House was basically we do not do. "One banker said, some banks won't loan over 15 years of age, this is mainly taking into account the value of the House. Mortgage lending is, after all, 20 years old house preservation and relatively poor performance in case of loans people after a number of years off for money, the Bank greatly at a loss even if repossession.

    because of the unusual nature of school districts, price comparison firm, at present, banks for the school district of Nanjing "age" of tolerance can be extended to 25 years. In addition, new home loans also have some advantages. It is reported that since 2005, new housing, loan term can be a grace to 30.

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