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Introduced mortgage loan

    Refinance mortgage loans are relatively unfamiliar to many people, mortgage loan is a kind of responsible lending, here today more details about:

    "refinancing '' of turned to personal housing loans is known. Home of second-hand house trading originally in Bank loans through mortgage formalities, you can transfer the loan with the House next. If the borrower financed or working capital needs, wants to use the mortgage the House increase in the loan amount to your bank, you can also refinance mortgage transfer from other bank loans.

    refinancing required materials

    original borrower information:

    copy of ID card of the borrower and right total 1,

    2, the original certificate of

     3, the loan contract (contract) original

    4, a recent bank payment statement original

    5, payment card or copy of payment book

    6, the sale and purchase contract

    information required for new borrowers:

    copy of ID card of the borrower and right total 1,

    2, the borrower and the rights of the co-owners photocopy

    3, borrower's copy of marriage certificate

    4, proof of income of the borrower and lender

    5, receipt of payment

    6, home valuation report

    7, the sale and purchase contract

    8, such as provident funds loans account

    9, if consumer loans with consumer uses certificates, copies of utility bills all need to use A4 size paper

    Refinance mortgage business processes

    forward opening includes two aspects, one is the original borrower (sales person) early repayment of bank loans, with banks lifting debtor-creditor relationship, withdrawal of mortgage registration; second, new borrowers (buyers) to apply for a housing loan, to buy homes as collateral for the new loans, the mortgage register. Their business processes for:

    the first step

    the original borrower's application to the Bank.

    second step

    Bank by review agreed of, by Bank, and sale room people and purchase people signed agreement, Bank agreed sale room people transfer housing, sale room people commitment will sale room paragraph priority for reimbursement Bank loan and authorized bank from its in Bank open state of account Shang directly buckle received yet reimbursement of loan principal and interest, purchase people commitment trading Shi will room paragraph designated into sale room people in Bank open state of account Shang.


    House for sale and buyers who signed a contract of housing transfer.

    fourth step

    buyers who apply in new loans to banks loans to remaining loan balance to House people, can also be calculated according to the following formula: loan amount = price x second-hand housing loan to purchase housing loans.


    Bank approval, and buyers who sign a new contract and mortgage contract, agreed to loan commitment letter issued.


    banking and real people into real estate sales management Department for canceling a registration of mortgage, House for sale and buyers for property transfer procedures, banks and buyers for new mortgage registration formalities.


    Bank to purchase loans, mandated by the buyers, sold the loans to people to open an account, then according to the sales person's authorization, deduct House for sale directly from the account the outstanding loan principal and interest, to terminate the original contract.

    its business processes as follows: apply to the original borrower signed tripartite agreements → → → housing → purchase the contract of assignment of the loan applications banks sign a new loan → other → property transfer and registration of mortgage lending → → housing loan as one. Auction completed if it is not handled through the opening, the second step in the agreement signed by the need to increase real estate developers, contractors and developers to agree to faster transfer and commitment stages guarantee liability for the new loan. Since then sales have yet to obtain the building ownership certificate, just in the real estate management Department to deal with contract registration and mortgage registration, is not required to handle the transfer of property rights, just to handle the change.

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