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Interest rate cuts have any effect on people's financial

    bank interest problems now involve the livelihood of the people. Now, with the economic development, a great change in the mindset of the people, as long as people have a little money in the Bank before, but now many financial ways for people to choose. So, now affect interest rate cuts on public financial management.

    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Hangzhou branch Guo Jian, General Manager of wealth management recommends that investors should buy more than one-year long-term financial products. In his view, cut channels already open, does not eliminate the possibility of again this year, and even cut interest rates several times, effects of interest rates on financial income is obvious. For example, the one-year fixed deposit rate after the rate cut was 3%, even float 10% top is only 3.3%, this means that the same term financial products expected annual returns will have a wider range of adjustments, most likely transferred to 4%, not to mention short or very short term financial products. Therefore, in the absence of more suitable under other investment channels, investors need to sacrifice liquidity to ensure higher, more stable financial income.

    development of retail credit Du Zhiliang, General Manager of the Hangzhou branch believes that asymmetric cut and adjust the lower lending rate floating range, further narrowing the spreads on banking space. One-year fixed deposit and one-year loans, for example, which can rise to a maximum of 3.3%, while the latter only after 70 percent off 4.2%, spreads have less than 1%. Standing on the Bank point of view, the intermediary business of Bank of encouraging commercial banks to channel innovation, reduce our dependence on traditional spreads model's intention is clear. Because of the Central Bank's clear band does not adjust interest rates on personal loans, and affirming that continue to strictly implement differentiated housing loan policy, it can be said the rate cuts have little effect on mortgage. Need to be reminded that, in addition to the new mortgage immediately adjusted the interest rate for loans, stock mortgage mortgage adjustment vary depending on the Bank, some adjustment from January 1 next year, monthly, seasonally adjusted, home loan mortgage need not be too anxious about this.

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