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Higher mortgage intervention more difficult

    now many people's ideas have changed, a lot of people for money, money, mortgage their House to the Bank and take money to do some of their investments, it is a very good way of managing money. However to understand is: the higher the age, Bank mortgage lending more difficult.

    old house loans difficult

    in the eyes of most buyers, large old houses both in intervention prices, is also geographically, most dominant, is a crowd favorite transition property, there is Bo demolition is expected.

    the past, banks on intervention for more than 20 years of real estate, for example, since 1985, real estate, banks will usually accept a loan application, loan percentage will decrease. But with the 2010 year round of regulation policies frequently lands, Bank lending to the housing audit conditions even harsher. Housing adequacy of individual credit qualifications, there are a number of restrictions. Most banks at this stage for intervention in more than 20 years of real estate loan applications was inadmissible. In other words, prior to 1990 real estate is hard to get a loan. Some banks that issue, but the income of the applicant, housing areas, locations have strict requirements.

    Department of a commercial bank staff said that frequent tightening of credit in the Bank now plans to return and risk, adequacy of large old house willingness to accept in the apparent decline. Even if the Bank has received the House as collateral, the borrower becomes unable to pay in the future, House for sale, wanted, and few.

    Bank: use existing house mortgage is more likely

    for Mr actual situation and problems, says Department of Yunnan province, a State-owned bank branches, because the Housing Authority Super 20, viable can make mortgage loans more difficult. Even can do, for second homes belonging to clients, combined with the age factor into account, may be on the down-payment will be increased, at around 60%, 10% interest rates to float. By contrast, the House already make mortgage more feasible, but it would be for consumer loans, a maximum period of 10 years, interest rates probably float 20%-30%, 20%, 8.16%, monthly repayment of principal interest. As to the mortgage rates, see the customer's ability to repay, 200,000 Yuan should be.

    "buyers want to use housing mortgage loan of 200,000 yuan, the period of 10 years is feasible, loan amount depends on buy house price 70% can borrow to buy a maximum of the total housing price, rather than on collateral of housing price, interest rate according to the current national housing policy implementation, first can give 85 percent discount when buying second homes floating interest rate 10%. "A bank official said.

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