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Handle the mortgage needs to learn the ropes

    is now more and more people buy, Bank mortgage audits have become more stringent, so how to successfully handle the mortgage, there are tips:

    recently, the media reports added a bank loans off licence fees levied on the names from the original 300 raised to 2000, this new decision previously in the Bank mortgage customers by surprise, and mortgage consumers realize the importance of mortgage service differences between different banks. Same home loans at different banks may have had different standards, even if lending rates are the same, there may be more in subsequent business expenses.

    for people with mortgage demand, may wish to consider when choosing a lender, in addition to lending rates concessions, the need to consider lending fees and other related charges for, prepayment penalty, changed its name, this will help you in the long road to repay, save a lot of costs.

    loan rate

    Mortgage tightening this year, even the first home loan, it is very difficult to enjoy the preferential interest rates of loans, loan options, may wish to consider some loan aftercare services. In the case of the tightened, banks lend long time, workers, farmers and, construction of the big four banks lending will have longer queues.

    real estate broker to enable customers to obtain loans as soon as possible, even suggested that the public in some lenders to deposit 50,000 yuan deposit, you may queue priority. In fact, the explicit provisions of the CBRC, banks may not grasp the storage in a variety of ways, once encountered a similar situation, people can directly dial the Shanghai Banking regulatory Bureau of complaints.

    at present, the banks loan limit is quite tight, buyers may wish to take into account the public choose their bank holding a VIP card, banks generally retain quality customers resources from the point of view, priority loans.

    form of prepayment required conventions

    raise interest rates in this cycle, house slaves ready to advance loans, prepayment required the Bank to pay a month's interest, it is recommended that when we sign a mortgage contract, rather than listen to a loan officer prepayment of publicity will not be liquidated damages must be agreed in writing in advance repayment terms, so as to avoid more interest. Bank prepayment only 3 times a year, for prepayment customers several times, may wish to consider this seriously. Apply for early repayment of some banks process more than a month, this is of interest to some degree will make you pay more.

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