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College students how to apply for preferential loans

    along with the progress of the times, to change the concept of, many college students after graduation and not very good looking for a stable job, choosing instead to self-employment. The idea is good, but entrepreneurship requires a certain amount of liquidity is the most important, this involves students ' loans. Countries in order to support college students start their own businesses, and also related preferential policies, as follows:

   , application conditions:

    1, a junior college graduate;

    2, unemployed for more than 6 months after graduation, and register with the unemployment of local labor and Social Security Department.

    second, the term of the loan:

    State small loan in pioneering work for university graduates is a Government subsidized loans, its term for 1-2, after 2 years of no longer enjoy fiscal interest.

   , loan of three ways:

    University graduates start their own businesses, micro-loans for guarantees, inward (MS) charge loans.

    four, for instructions

    specific measures for action to the local labor and Social Security Bureau Advisory. In addition, college students start their own businesses as well as other preferential policies, such as the self-employed, 1 year is exempt from registration and management administrative fees; self-employed, self-employed accounts can also be files hosted on college graduates employment and guidance Center. The concrete policies for university graduates start their own businesses in consultation with relevant departments.

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