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Can't believe banking personnel to tell your bank loan

    many believe that banks the Government for support, it is a special business, is to believe that bank loans, in fact, many people commit illegal acts of commercial banks, but many staff are legal loopholes, so our nation's banks ' internal controls to force management to have serious vulnerabilities.

    a few days ago, in-depth investigation and part of the private enterprises in Wenzhou private lending case, reporters found the Outlook news weekly, part of the Bank loans "turned" as civil usury is out again, resulting in some private enterprises mired in "financial black hole", on a borrowing "road of no return." Practitioners and experts to the reporter that, get rid of private enterprise "financial black hole" phenomenon, in addition to national policies to increase support for the financing of private enterprises, must also "contain" few transboundary violations of financial institutions towards lending in certain areas "black hand", really build a fair and transparent international financial order and norms and healthy capital markets.

    enterprises mired in "financial black hole"

    your correspondent learned in the investigation, when the gradual shift to tight economic situation at home and abroad last year, many small and medium private enterprises are facing banking institutions of the "one size fits all loans", the funding gap. Eastern shipbuilding group of leqing in Wenzhou accidentally by overseas shipowners to abandon ship at the end of last year, has two domestic banks rushed from the group loan of 110 million Yuan, the Group has completed 65% more than two 8000-ton oil tanker in a work stoppage.

    "loans at the Bank, and their degree of insolvency of enterprises was far from satisfactory. "Eastern shipbuilding Group Chairman Chen Xiudan told our reporter, loan interest for the Group and the Bank base rate rise 30%, after Bank loans and credit, to restart the shipbuilding projects, financing only through civil channels, compared with bank loans, using the same amount of capital, 10~20 times higher borrowing costs.

    ", including the sensational cases of Wenzhou people group debt, financing private enterprises suspected of usury, interest once you reach 5 points or more, usually last for 3 months. "Financial Department of Zhejiang University Associate Professor Jing Naiquan told our reporter, and first to know Bank enterprise must crash, civil servants, members of the judiciary," enterprise funds, assets that are available tend to be the ' priority ' to acquire, transfer or seizure. "

    in his view, then violence, some creditors may use illegal means to collect the debt, business owners have to start with the so-called minerals to cheat more, real estate project is luring money holders. Priority groups and supported by some violence after creditors get, entrepreneurs had to "run." Finally, the local governments due to various concerns, crisis may be assets shrinking auction, the results tend to be "financial black hole" as blocked as possible.

    Beijing scale lawyer group lawyer Chen Youxi in recent years contact has multiple Wenzhou private enterprise involvement usury of case, summary out has such of law: Bank as loan to private enterprise a pen loan, money contraction Shi, Bank on will trying to to to enterprise ahead of loan, usually is to turned loan for by, please private boss "first to civil take usury also Bank, one week Hou Bank again put money turned loan to enterprise. "

   " as a result, banks only release, quilt of private enterprises into the usury. 3 points of interest first, then the 5 points of interest. "Chen Youxi believes that" on the surface, an overwhelming number of private enterprises ' camel ' civil usury is the last straw, but in fact, it contains the discriminatory effect of formal financial institutions.  "

    morph usury

    in recent years, some banks on lending small and medium private enterprises on the one hand, on the other hand directly to Government civil servants credit loans or illegal lenders, loan funds become the folk sources of usury. In the case of Wenzhou people group debt, urban residents in taishun County, Lu Defei, Lai Qinghua, who had to mortgage loans from the Bank, and then participate in state high-interest borrowing and lending activities of the group.

    "in December 2010, I use it in the local industrial and commercial bank mortgage loan of 300,000 yuan, and all with 2.5 points more than high interest rates to lend to the State group. "Lai Qinghua told our reporter," in taishun County, civil servants can capacity credit access to cheap loans from the Bank, many officials throughout the County are rich in human groups ' money begets money. Some ordinary people see hot eye, had brought House Exchange Bank loan and then finding a way into the Group of people. "

    group of Wenzhou people number of creditors said branch, the Department level cadres to gain or 200,000 dollars worth of bank credit lines. Last year, the taishun County, some of the cadres in the State the group enjoyed more than 5 minutes of high interest returns.

    in taishun County Government said in a statement, State education group limited Wenzhou centralized register of creditors to rest until March 15 there were 5,207 creditors filed claims. Taishun County party Committee Secretary Zhang Hongguo told reporter in an interview admitted that capacity is indeed a part of the creditors the cadres of the counties. He said State group debt liquidation process, will not let cadres first to receive compensation; the second will provide stern discipline these cadres education.

    2010, the police investigate and punish illegal Bank staff in the city a total of 53 people, including 12 banks, including State-owned bank, a local commercial bank, which was investigated for illegal loans and other economic crimes President-level executives of 14 people, allegedly usurious lending is not qualitative and informal credit owed by reason of 6 people.

   , Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau official said, has dealt with cases of public security organs in the near future, Bank staff between January to March last year, will be entrusted to the Bank by a business loan of 20 million Yuan respectively, lends it to the other 3 companies, and three loans was another accomplice actual King of illegal absorbing public deposits and use. Police identified the bank personnel without field verification to enterprise, no communication with legal representatives of the company and fictitious loan facts, concealed loan risks, causing all loans cannot be recovered.

    "illegal banking personnel involved are large, often causing billions in losses. Especially in some banks, use their own duties advantages disguised loans the banks into lending or directly involved in lending, and loan sharks. "According to the analysis of the Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau," since the international financial crisis, Bank lending outstanding, through the partial data, false propaganda, undertake not to take the loan, credit, real increase for a range of barriers to limit lending, leading to differentiated credit policy put in place measures to truly further exacerbate financing problems. "

    to building a new financial order interviewed a number of experts pointed out, get rid of private enterprise" financial black hole ", would need to contain formal financial reach for private lending" black hand ", and build a truly fair, transparent financial new world order.

   , Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau officials believe that violations of bank personnel, most of them in conditions of weak regulation is extremely subtle, suggesting that some banks lack of internal supervision and inspection, management serious omissions. Some banks for fear of affecting reputation, late or failing to report on the case, "formed by Insider malfeasance cases and cases of internal personnel or internal modus operandi, not positive when the incidence reported, but try to hide it, internal processing, many clues in these banks were hiding and destroyed. "

    in Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau, cut between formal and private lending and monstrous interest" Bell to doer ":

    first of all, banks is the key to handling the current financial problems, only a well-functioning banking system, a sound mechanism, standardized credit funds, and efforts to increase SME credit guarantee to ensure economic and financial stability. Problems for the banks, illegal, to rely on the leadership of party committees and Governments, strengthen regulatory responsibilities, closely cooperate, starting from the Bank management to improve preparedness, identify problems and severely punished, and prevention, promoting the healthy development of the banking code.

    second, continues to advance administrative power specification run, promoted government functions management gravity Xia moved, perfect government approval, public service mode, full building on administrative power of supervision system, gradually elimination "find acquaintances do", and "three a seal top but a fellow", and organ staff efficiency low, and shuffle wrangling, and not as, and mess as, bad society, for enterprise including private enterprise create "good officer, and dry done" Excellent environment.

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