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The important conditions for mortgage loans

    mortgage loans must meet certain conditions, and whether banks or other financial institutions require exactly the same. Specific requirements are as follows:

    1, age at maturity is generally not more than 65 years old.

    2, have proper occupation and steady source of income, have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest.

    3, willing and able to provide recognized mortgage lender; property owners approved all loans and guarantees and is willing to bear the legal responsibility.

    4, home to clear property rights, compliance with listing conditions stipulated by the State, to enter the real estate market, did not do any other mortgages.

    5, mortgaged homes are not included in the local urban renewal demolition plan and have a certificate issued by the housing sector, land management and land titles.

    6, all collateral is the borrower himself or herself. All real estate as collateral to others, the mortgagor must provide consent using their property as collateral for a loan the borrower a written commitment, and require the mortgagor to their spouse or other signature of property ownership.


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