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Self-employed households to apply for a loan and what conditions are required

    with taking care of development of society, more and more people are choosing to start their own businesses. Most entrepreneurs are self-employed households in children. Management involves the capital flow, many self-employed households and private enterprises to purchase equipment, raw materials, used in the expansion of, or organizational production, would encounter financial difficulties involving bank loans. Then, individual households to apply for a loan with which conditions?

    loan needs what are the conditions?

    subject to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall be registered, licensed, qualified as a legal person, with a certain amount of free funds, have a basic account at a Bank, the Bank shall submit the financial statements and other material on time, comply with the national policy Act and bank credit system, not divert loans, loans Bank loan check, good economic benefits and can repay the loan principal and interest. Procedure as follows: Bank loans to the applicant to submit a written application and the purchase and sale contract, relating to private sector financial statements review on its loan guarantee or collateral review forensic information, and carry out certain pre-loan investigation before making a decision on whether to agree to loan. Agreed loan, applicants need to the County (City) of the people's bank loan Department for a copy of the certificate of financial management and the home loan banks to open a basic or secondary account; at this point, the lender will loan money into the account opened within loan use of the application by the applicant, in accordance with its ownership.

    apply for bank loans also note:

    ① in terms of loan payments, since individual and private businessmen generally less wealthy, loans should be affordable, avoiding big investment. I had the wind to some operators seeking high, large, blind investment, results a lot of loan principal and interest in the body, eventually had to close, lesson.

    II loan products, individual and private businessmen should be escalated from small to large, can be through effective pledge, mortgage or third party guarantee procedures apply for working capital loans from banks, and have a certain strength to apply for a loan.

    ③ in loan interest rate aspects, currently of benchmark loan years interest rate for 6 months (containing) following for 6.1%, and 6-12 months (containing 1 years) for 6.56%, and 1-3 years (containing 3 years) for 6.65%, and 3-5 years (containing 5 years) for 6.9%, and 5 years above for 7.05%; according to people Bank about provides, the commercial banks and urban and rural credit union on individual private industry of loan interest rate can implemented floating, Floating within the range of 30%. But the banks, credit unions, the floating rate is not consistent, so when you apply for a loan, you can "shop around", try to choose a floating interest rate loans to smaller financial institutions.

    II in loan term aspects, existing short-term loan is divided into 6 months within (containing), and 6-12 months (containing 1 years) two a interest rate grade, on 1 years period following of short-term loan, implementation contract interest rate, not segment calculation; medium-and long-term loan is divided into 1-3 years, and 3-5 years and the 5 years above three a grade, on medium-and long-term loan implemented segment calculation, met loan interest rate adjustment Shi, Yu Xia a annual January 1 began implementation earlier with document loan new interest rate. In general the longer the period, the higher the interest rate, interest rates should help you understand the term "mystery", hold interest rates in the two time periods "spreads", at a time when the loan period is determined not to try to cross, and should as far as possible down grades.


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