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Now what are the small and medium enterprise loan

    enterprises at present in a very embarrassing situation. With regard to loans, many banks are unwilling to lend to small and medium enterprises. Because SMEs are different from large enterprises, the development, after all, is not particularly stable, if banks lend to them, there is a big risk. First phase of loans to small and medium enterprises, what does?

   , credit guaranteed loan

    in the country's 31 provinces, municipalities, over more than 100 cities have established SME credit guarantee institutions. Membership management of most of these bodies, which belongs to the public service, industry self-regulation, own non-profit organization. Sources of guarantee funds, usually by the local Government's financial allocations, members who pay membership fund raising funds, social funds, commercial banks and other sections. Member companies to borrow from banks, you can be guaranteed by the SME guarantee mechanism. In addition, SMEs can go to a special guarantee of developing intermediary service for warranty service. When companies offer no bank guarantee acceptable measures, such as a mortgage, pledge or third party credit guarantee, guarantee companies can address these challenges. As compared with the banks, guarantees company's collateral requirements more flexible. Of course, a security company to protect its own interests, tend to require businesses to provide counter-guaranty measures sometimes warranty companies also will be sent to the Enterprise Monitor capital flows.

    second, the comprehensive credit

    for some good, reliable business and credit lines granted to certain amount during a certain period, the enterprise and can be recycled within the limits of the validity period. Integrated credit once declared by the enterprise-related materials, one-time Bank approval. Businesses depending on the operating conditions used in phases, with borrowing, corporate borrowing is very convenient, but also saves the cost of loans. Bank loans in this way, generally for industrial and commercial registration, annual inspection, well-managed, reliable reputation, have a long-term cooperative relationship with banks business.

    third, the natural person secured loans

    in August 2002, the ICBC pioneered loans for SMEs launched a natural person secured loans business, domestic institutions for future industrial and commercial bank, processing time limit within 3 years to SMEs credit business, can be provided by a natural person secured with property and compensation responsibilities. Natural guarantee to mortgage, pledge, mortgage and guarantee in three ways. Can be secured against property, including personal property, land use and transport, and so on. Can be used as pledge of personal property, including deposit, certificate bonds and special financial bonds. In property mortgage mortgages and guarantees the means on the basis of the suretyship attached mortgagor. If the borrower fails to repay the entire loan principal and interest or other breach, the Bank will require the guarantor to perform security duties.

    four, project development loan

    SMEs in high-tech science and technology achievements transformation projects with significant value, relatively large initial investment funds, private capital to bear, to bank loans for project development. Commercial banks with sophisticated technology and good market prospects for high-tech products or patents technical transformation projects of SMEs, as well as the use of high-tech SMEs, will give a positive credit to facilitate enterprises to speed up the pace of transforming scientific and technological achievements. And the development of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to establish stabilization projects or have their own research departments of high-tech SMEs, banks provide liquidity loans, or loan for project development.

   , personal loans of five

    of China Construction Bank, China Minsheng Bank, CITIC Industrial Bank and other commercial banks have introduced new varieties of a loan-personal loans. Commissioned by the personal funds by commercial banks loans according to the client object, purpose, amount, term and interest rates, licensing, supervision, use of and assistance in the recovery of a loan.

    six, intellectual property pledge loan

    loans backed by intellectual property refers to the legal ownership of patents, trademarks, copyrights in the property assessed to banks for financing. Because of the particularity of the implementation and realisation of patents and other intellectual property rights, currently only a handful of banks to provide the financing facilities, and generally required by the legal representative of the enterprise the extra insurance. Nevertheless, those outstanding small and medium enterprises with independent intellectual property rights can still try.

    seven, discounted loans

    discounted loans refers to the transfer of ticket holders of commercial paper to the Bank, obtained after deduction of discount interest funds. In China, the commercial paper mainly refers to the bank acceptance bills and commercial acceptance. One of the benefits of this loan is not according to the company's assets to the Bank loan, but rather on market conditions (sales contract) to make the loans. After receiving the Bills to the maturity date of the cash, tend to be at least dozens of days, as many as 300 days, capital idle during this time. If the enterprise can take advantage of discounted loans, far more than the loan application procedure is simple and very low borrowing costs. Discounting just to take the appropriate instruments to the relevant procedures of the Bank, and generally can be completed within 3 business days, for enterprises, this is the "money money the day after tomorrow", this form of loans worth the extensive and active use of SMEs.

    BA, mortgage loan

    Mortgage is collateralized by real, in the form of in-kind transfers ownership make temporary loans loans. Compared with bank loans, high cost of pawn loans, loans to small, but Hock also have advantages that cannot be compared to bank lending. First of all, with banks the borrowers ' credit conditions almost harsh requirements than pawn shops credit requirements of customers is almost zero, pawnbrokers focused only on pawned items are genuine. And general commercial real estate mortgage only, while the pawn can both movable and immovable property pledge.

   , remote cooperation loan

    SMEs in some products has a wide circulation, or for some large enterprises to provide spare parts or loose affiliates of the enterprise group. During the process of collaboration products and need funding, you can search for a Central Bank to take the lead, provide loans to group unity and collaboration by a group of companies to provide the necessary funding, contract supervision of local banks cooperate with. Also by the lead bank with the combination of remote collaborative enterprise Bank, loans separately.


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