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Learn about types of personal loans

    is one of many kinds of personal loans loans are the most common, many kinds of their loans. A personal loan is not unknown in our lives, but that there are still many problems that need to be prepared to loan people need attention and understanding, here specifically about it today:

    personal loan type:

    ① individual housing common reserve fund loan

    II personal commercial housing loan

    ③ personal consumption loan

    II personal car loan

    II personal consumer durables loans

    f combination of personal housing loan

    sadly, micro-credit loans to individuals

   , need to produce and provide information

    1, original and copy of the identity card;

    2, housing offers original and copy;

    3, original and copy of payment of the down payment;

    4, monthly payment credentials, including: individual and family income, deposit certificate (passbook or other marketable securities).

    second, the personal loan processing

    1, with full capacity for civil conduct Chinese citizens in mainland China have the right of abode overseas, and foreign citizens;

    2, sent the first mortgage (total purchase not less than 30%);

     3, have a stable income, have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest;

    4, agreed to purchase production as loan collateral.

    III, both of the following conditions

    1, booklet, holding a valid identity card or business license, certificate or valid residence permit, passport of the legal representative, in the designated developer of the city to buy commercial housing;

    2, in bank deposit accounts, balances of 30% wish to buy House ;

    3, with an effective purchase contract, agreement and other documents;

    4, agreed to purchase housing properties as collateral under the contract;

    5, ready to fulfil all the terms of the loan contract;

    6, Bank under other conditions.


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