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How to apply for emergency loans

    life in the sometimes unexpected things happen, and in many cases requires a fund to solve the problem. Under normal circumstances, loan formalities are complicated and need more time to prepare for and handle. So, how to apply for emergency loan? What are some places that need attention during this period?

    what kind of conditions are met before they can apply for emergency loan:

    because they are not bank lending, so the risk is borne by the lending company, relative to the Bank while the program faster, but borrowers need strict examinations of qualification.

    apply for emergency loan conditions:

    1, living in China, with full capacity for civil conduct;

    2, have a good credit record and repayment will of

    3, have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest;

    4, effectively offering a bank certificate as collateral;

    apply for emergency loan information to be submitted:

    borrowers to the Bank to apply for a personal loan, fill out an application form in writing, and submit the following information:

    1, the applicant's valid identity documents, a third hostage pledge, will provide the third party certificates

    2, valid proof of the pledged property. Pledge of a third hostage, must also provide representative, loan applicants and written proof of consent signed by the third pledge.


    loan term not exceeding 1 year.

    method of repayment:

    loan period of 1 year (inclusive) or less, a debt repayment;

    loans for more than 1 year, can be used on a monthly basis (quarter), and repaying the loan interest, or an equivalent amount in equal installments on a monthly principal and interest, and repayment of principal.

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