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Discussion on several problems associated with mortgages

    "mortgage" as a form of loan guarantees, in accordance with the provisions of the guarantee law, loans expires if not about repayment of the loan principal and interest, lending financial institution has the right to deal with the collateral, to realize the claim. Practice has proved that the collateral has some advantages in preventing credit risks. But when the mortgage, if not carefully review in accordance with the relevant rules and procedures, operations, can cause hazard, or even fall into that trap, loan risks or losses.

    first time home loans friends beware, for mortgage loans have a lot of content, is to choose equal principal matching principal and interest? The loan term and lending rates directly affect your monthly payments. Small series of mortgage you some practical considerations.

    Mortgage, is all real estate-related loans mortgage application, or real estate in General. Including real estate development enterprise development loans, purchase of property purchase mortgage loans as well as their own property as collateral for a mortgage consumer loan.

    Mortgage partners, including credit commercial bank, and ultimately purchase property buyers, and mortgage property owners (including developers/owners), when applying for a loan, you also need to assess the participation of companies, real estate security company.

    according to domestic first foreign owned real estate guarantees company in the easy Ann real estate guarantees limited 2009 late released of statistics, in currently domestic main line city, mortgage of using rate has reached high standard, to purchase mortgage loan for, loan share has reached 70% above, and in recent years, through with himself name of property application property mortgage consumption loan to achieved activate real estate of residents number also increasingly more. "Home mortgage" has become a consumption pattern and the daily life of residents

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