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Detailed explanation of housing second mortgage

    home second mortgages are the main form of second mortgage, assuming a home mortgage at the Bank, is still in the normal repayment again this case homeowners such as applying for a mortgage loan, do not have to pay off the loan early, provided they have passed a professional assessment can be mortgaged again according to the assessed value.

    housing mortgage loan second mortgages for those who are "slaves" are great, they can use the loans to buy houses as collateral to obtain second mortgage, use them as initial capital to invest profits to ease the economic pressure.

    second mortgage costs rising bank closure of business

    this year, as the financial policy adjustment, gradual tightening of monetary policy, the major banks have tightening "money bags", different level adjusted mortgage payment plans and limit some banks cooperate only to real estate lending, some banks have stopped lending. This way, to the Bank to apply for a second mortgage is more difficult.

    secondary mortgage guarantee company high cost

    guarantee company for secondary mortgage business services is high. Second mortgage loan amount may not exceed the value of the mortgage minus the original loan amount. Let we is a pen account: If zhiqian you of mortgage real also has 1 million yuan of loan balance no paid off, now you wants to two times mortgage loan 1 million Yuan, so need paid to guarantees company part of pad funding costs, also has intermediary service fee, loan interest rate into associate interest rate raised 15%-30%, if loan term for 10, two times mortgage loan 1 million Yuan than normal loan high out tens of thousands of Yuan, price does compared high, select zhiqian needed consider good itself situation.

    second mortgages required careful choices

    Zhu in xuhui district, purchased a total of more than 3 million homes in 2008, now has less than 1 million of the loans you have paid.


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