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Collateral, mortgages are there?

    funds more and more people demand for mortgages, but what collateral you can apply for a mortgage loan? In China, the current mortgage, according to the range of collateral, can be divided into six groups:

    (1) stock mortgage, also known as commodity mortgage, a master of Commerce and industry of various goods, including merchandise, raw materials, WIP and finished goods mortgaged, to get loans from banks.

    (2) Guest account mortgage, customers obtained short-term loan receivables as collateral.

    (3) securities collateral securities such as shares, bills of Exchange, promissory notes, certificates of deposit, bonds, as collateral to get short-term loans.

    (4) devices that mortgage, machinery and equipment, vehicles and vessels as collateral to obtain bank loans on a regular basis.

    (5) real estate mortgage, borrowers such as land, housing and other real property mortgage, secured loans.

    (6) life insurance policy mortgage, refers to a claim to set up a mortgage on its surrender Golden ceiling of the life insurance contract, collateralized by the insurance policy, the insured loans.


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