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Bank loans to buy a car what procedures need

    with the development of society, an open mind, a lot of people think of spending tomorrow's money today so that money begets money. Now, Bank loan to buy a car what procedures are required, during this period what attention?

    car loans flow:

    1. customer choose the car dealer at the Bank and sign a purchase agreement or contract;

    2. borrowers to apply for personal auto loans mortgage loans

    3. Investigation agreement signed contract;

    4. Auto notary, mortgage and other procedures;

    5. lenders (banks) get the loan;

    6. after the loan, the lender (Bank) cancellation of pledge certificate, and returned to the customer.

    personal car loans applications must comply with the following conditions:

    a natural person with full capacity for civil conduct;

    b, local permanent residency or valid residence status, have fixed and exact address;

    three, Has due career and stable reliable of income source, has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity;

    four, and holds and loan people specified dealer signed of specified brand car of purchase agreement or contract;

    five, and provides loan people recognized of property arrived, and pledge or third party guarantee, guarantee human loan people recognized of has compensatory capacity of personal or units, bear joint responsibility;

    human couples or family members to six, car purchases, must work together to apply for, a party could not be present, authorization book should be filled in, signed and sealed and, seven, in the lender's Bank being not less than the amount of financing of the deposit;

    BA, granting loans banks provide loans for other conditions.

    term, interest rate and limit bank loans to buy cars:


    auto loan rates, implement the same grade under the rules of the lending rates. Term of the loan in less than a year, interest at a rate according to the contract, statutory interest rate unchanged; loan period for more than a year, met the statutory interest rate adjustment, starting from next year, according to the corresponding interest rate level the implementation of the new level of interest rates.

    loan to buy a vehicle limits:

   , to mortgage applications for loans by banks, insurance companies or provide assurances of joint and several liability, 20% of the amount of the deposit shall not be less than the car, borrowing the maximum amount shall not exceed 80% of the car.

    second, the purchase of vehicles or other mortgage loan application, of the amount of the deposit shall not be less than the car 30%, borrowing the maximum amount shall not exceed 70% of the car.

    third, guarantees for loans to third parties (banks, insurance companies), 40% of the amount of the deposit shall not be less than the car, borrowing the maximum amount shall not exceed 60% of the car.

    in General, the term of the loan is 3 years, maximum of 5 years (5 years), and according to the borrower's property master, respectively. Car rental companies or car rental companies, loan a maximum period not exceeding 3 years; for other enterprises and institutions loan terms in principle not more than 2 years; the personal loan term is 3 years.


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